Car care is important to keep your car looking brand new even a year after buying it. Every vehicle owner likes to keep it as nice and looking good as they can. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go to a car service every day. There is so much more you can do by yourself to maintain your car sparkling shiny.

Here are our top 5 tips that will help you keep your car looking great every day.

Wash your car

Washing the car is the easiest way to keep your car clean and sparkling. Many see washing their vehicle as an annoying chore that takes a lot of time. But if you are someone that pays attention to car care, regular washing and cleaning is the first step.

There are a few car wash equipment that you can use to ensure the cleanliness of the car. Using a suitable and effective car wash shampoo is one of them. Rather than normal soap, these shampoos have been formulated focused on vehicle cleaning requirements. Do a thorough wash by applying an effective shampoo and use a sponge or some soft fabric to rinse the car.

Car Care products like vinyl cleaners, glass cleaners, dust removal brushes, and silicone spray are useful when it comes to exterior cleaning. If you are someone very busy and have no time to spare to wash your car, just head on over to a car wash or car service in Sri Lanka, they will help get your car clean within a few minutes.

Interior cleaning

Just like the exterior, the interior of the car must be kept clean. A car with a clean interior will make it more pleasant for the passengers as well as yourself. 

When it comes to cleaning the interior of a car, the atmosphere is everything. First, take care of dust and any leftover trash inside the car. Then use car care products like a vacuum device on seat covers and crevices for a more thorough cleaning. 

Finally, move on to carpets and floor mats. Take them out and wash and dry them before putting them back inside. You can use the same shampoo used on the car body here too. This will make the interior of your car far more pleasant.

Replaceable Rubber mats

On the same note, the mats of your car are the part of the car that gets dirty the fastest. This leads to original mats getting damaged and disfigured quickly. The best solution for this is to use replaceable mats on top of your original car mats.

You can find a rubber mat anywhere easily, and they are very cheap too. If these get dirty, you can either clean them or just replace them. Using replaceable mats over the original mats will extend the lifetime of your original mats. At the same time, you can choose them in any colour, giving you the freedom to create a more attractive interior.

You can do the same thing with seat covers as well. They might not be cheap like rubber mats, but they will ensure the longevity of your car seats.

Wax your car

The paint of the car is what gives the car its sparkling look. With time, paint can get damaged and fade and will make the car lose its brand-new feel. The best way to avoid this from happening is to wax your car properly.

Wax helps protect the paint against UV rays, water spots, or any damage that can harm the paint. It also adds shine to your car and protects its fresh look. When waxing, make sure to polish the car first to get rid of any contaminations from the paint and to increase the gloss.

When waxing, use buffers and polishers to get better results. Once the process is over, the car will have a more sparkling look.

Housing the car

When your car is exposed to things like sunlight and rainfall constantly, it ruins the outlook of the car fast. 

So if you are someone who cares about car care and its safety, a garage is a must. Not only it will protect the car from natural hazards, but it will also safeguard it from any thefts. 

If you don’t have a place to park your car, don’t worry. Buy a good car cover that can protect the car from sunlight and rain.

Keep these care tips in mind to make sure your car looks amazing at all times. You can invest in good car care products and car washing equipment to make the process easy and more effective. This will also help you save time. However, you have to keep in mind that good car care requires help from a professional car service in Sri Lanka on a regular basis too. This is why you should find a reliable car service in Sri Lanka near you.