It is no secret that youngsters prefer faster, more chic-looking cars. While the rest of them are about comfort and luxury, some of these popular cars are solely about performance. Or the looks. However, we know many of you secretly dig these cars, hence the blog today! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cars among youngsters.

1. Toyota Starlet GT

A small but powerful built, starlet GT is the ideal car for a guy looking for big performance inside a compact car. The commonly known starlet GT is the high-performance model of the 4th generation Toyota starlet. The car saw its first light in 1990 and has been popular ever since. One of the benefits of getting this car is you can do endless modifications and performance upgrades to this car. From exhausts to spoilers to racing stripes, you can personalize this car to your taste!

2. Toyota Glanza

Quite similar to starlet GT in looks, Toyota Glanza is also a popular model among youngsters. While serving the looks, it can be real fast too. Even though it is powerful, it is fuel-efficient too. Which is one of the reasons to buy this car! As the price point is a plus too, you can say this is an all-rounder for a young guy. 

3. BMW e36

Boy oh boy, this car is getting popular day by day! With its monstrous looks and unbelievable performance, handling, and speed, this car is a winner! You can choose this from a range of engine capacities, and some unique colors. You can modify and upgrade this car as you wish, as the possibilities are endless. The BMW e36 was once awarded America’s best handling car as well. The price ranges between 35 to 50 lakhs, which is not a bad deal for what you’re getting!

4. Nissan March k11

The March k11 is ideal for either a young guy or a girl, as it is easy to drive and handles well. The fuel efficiency can be named as the only downside, while the looks, comfort, and price point are pros. You can do performance upgrades to a March easily and it does not cost you much either. The car comes in some compellingly nice colors. For someone looking for a car that looks good and is budget-friendly, this is a good choice!

5. Honda Civic

There are a few models of Honda Civic such as ES8, EG8, EK3, and more that are some popular cars in Sri Lanka. These models are highly compatible with performance and exterior upgrades. You might see younger guys modifying these cars with exhausts, spoilers, racing stripes, and uncommon colors. 

These cars are ideal for youngsters, but we see many middle-aged people opting for these as well due to the pros. You can easily find all of these cars in a range of choices on and evaluate your options as well. For parts and accessories for these cars, if you already own one, you can easily visit the ikman category for vehicle parts and accessories. Stay tuned for more insights on vehicles and a lot more with the ikman blog!